Welcome to my passion. Of all the sections on this site, this is my true area of expertise and my labour of love. Ever since I can remember travel was one of the main focuses of my life, and finding a career that could be combined with working and travelling around the world was my number one aim. Now I have done it, and I want to show you how you can make this your reality too.

Now I want to clarify, that this section is not focusing on ‘digital nomad’ or laptop based, location-free jobs. As a doctor I can’t do my job online – nor would I want to. And there are so many of you out there: other doctors and healthcare professional, teachers, yoga and sport instructors, builders, lawyers, the list goes on. And I am talking about real people that I have spoke to that want to know how to use their jobs as a path to working and travelling in a useful and meaningful way.

Through this section of the website I will talk you through how myself and others have stepped off the career conveyor-belt and have found solutions to combining our work passion with our love of adventure. I will share with you my own path to reaching this difficult decision, and guide you towards crafting your own unique future based around travel.

Don’t struggle to do this alone as I did. Allow me to make it easy for you. Also follow me on facebook and instagram to connect with like-minded souls.

‘Adventure is out there!’

The Most Travel-Friendly Professions

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