• Top Tips for Travelling on a Budget

Life is a short and incredibly special gift which too many of us waste by making life choices that do not truly fulfil us. We are taught to accept that ‘life’ is something to fit into weekends and short evenings after work. If we work hard and long now, we can have a few years of ‘life’ after we retire – before expire.

But we are witnessing an incredible change in modern society. Increasingly people are demanding MORE! More life. More adventure. More enjoyment. And DocGoneWild has been created to help you on that path.

Whether you are a straight-out-of-school drifter who wants tips on budget travel to help that trip last even longer; a seasoned adventure junkie who wants unique outdoor adventures in incredible locations; or a professional who is sick of the drudgery of the 9-to-5 and wants to discover ways to combine your unique skills with travel and discovery – DocGoneWild is for you.

As a doctor qualified in expedition and wilderness medicine, who feels truly alive only when exploring foreign lands – particularly the wild and remote expanses of the globe – I will share with you my experiences and the things i have learned along the way.

I have found on my journey that there is not a lot of female specific travel advice out there, and what exists is usually written by (well-meaning) guys and can often be off-putting or negative. Through my Female Adventurer section I aim to show how travelling alone as a female needn’t be scary or difficult, but with a bit of extra planning can be a wonderfully liberating experience.

Equally there are some unique challenges that come from travelling for long periods with your other half. This is an area which is not widely talked about. In DocGoneWild we will face these challenges head on and give you ways of dealing with any problems that arise. Travelling with a significant other can be one of the most wonderful experiences you can share, don’t let small problems accumulate and get in the way of that.


What do you want from your life? How can I help you get more adventure and fulfilment from you short time on this planet? Read on to see what I have to offer, and if there is anything specific missing, just get in touch!